How We Help

The real fix is closer than you think.

With Confluent PT, you have a team of specialized therapists who are dedicated to helping you overcome your aches, pains, and strains. The relief you’ve been looking for is here.

How is your pain or physical limitation holding you back?

Click where it hurts and our team will help figure out what’s causing your pain or limitations–and then get busy solving it.

Free Screen on Us

We offer complimentary screens at all Confluent PT locations. If you’ve been dealing with a nagging injury or persistent pain, don’t wait any longer.

It’s time to get back to being you.

1. Schedule Your Appointment:
You don’t have to wait any longer to get the answers to your questions about your pain. Call, text, chat, or online-schedule to set your appointment and meet with an expert within 48 hours.

2. Meet Your Personal Physical Therapist:
During your first appointment, you’ll meet the therapist who will be with you every step of the way. They’ll take time to listen to you and get to know you personally before performing an in-depth evaluation to uncover the cause of your issue.

3. Start Your Path Towards Lasting Relief :
You’ll leave your first appointment feeling immediate relief, plus you’ll get a personalized treatment plan to help you establish and achieve your specific long-term goals. So you can get back to work, life, and play—free from pain!

What’s holding you back?

Confluent PT is ready to help you uncover and correct impairments such as stiff joints, weak muscles, or abnormal movement patterns, so there’s nothing left to stop you from living the life you love.

We believe that everyone deserves access to speciality-level care and to get the best possible results, quickly, without having to go to a doctor first.

  • Orthopaedic & Manual Physical Therapy: Orthopaedics is the medical specialty dedicated to preserving and restoring function in the musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. Manual physical therapy is a hands-on technique that is used to decrease pain and improve range-of-motion and flexibility to stiff joints and muscles. Mobilization and manipulation are key components of manual therapy; both techniques restore the power of movement to joints & associated muscles.
  • Metabolic Conditions & Weight Loss: You’re thinking that Physical Therapists only deal with things like tennis elbow and rehab from broken bones, right? Well, we aren’t your average Physical Therapists. We specialize in not only helping you recover from surgery scars and pain, but also can help you work smarter, not harder, to reach your goal weight.

Don’t let your aches or pain hold you back any more.

Let Confluent PT help get you on the road to recovery.