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Getting Newnan Back to Life Faster with Physical Therapy at Walmart

COVID-19 has burdened our community with more stress and less stability. Thankfully, from bread and eggs to board games and medicine, your neighborhood Walmart has provided the essentials while you’re at home. Now Walmart is offering a different kind of relief to Newnan residents.

Walmart Health has partnered with Confluent Physical Therapy to open its first Physical Therapy clinic in a Walmart location. The practice is located in Newnan’s neighborhood Walmart off Highway 34 and is overseen by Georgia’s own Dr. Stephen Clark, P.T., D.P.T., A.T.C., O.C.S.

“At Confluent Physical Therapy our driving force is our desire to help you get back to the life you love without the headache of cost or fear that your pain will worsen,” says Dr. Clark.

This goal can be worked on through Confluent’s services, including manual therapy, exercise, and education. They seek to help residents who can benefit, from those who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents to breast cancer survivors and everyone in between.

In addition, Confluent Physical Therapy offers an innovative and modernized virtual reality program that helps combat persistent pain, also known as chronic pain and the foundation for what we now know as the opioid epidemic.

“Persistent pain, or chronic pain, is the diagnosis when a person experiences pain on most days, or possibly every day, over a six-month period of time,” continues Dr. Clark. “It’s estimated that approximately 20.4% of Americans face chronic pain. This is something that can, and should, be addressed by a physical therapist first before turning to other pain management sources.”

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